We'd love to work with you!

If you are an independent artist who loves entertainment as much as we do, we would love your help! Our business is growing and with an increase of demand, we also need to increase our bandwidth. This is where you come in. Spotted Triforce Arts is looking to forge solid long-term relationships with skilled and reliable artists nationwide. If you have some time to spare, look at our current job openings.

General Minimum Requirements

Regardless of which position you are applying for, we are asking that you understand the following list of requirements.

  • Please understand that this is not a full-time job. We are not hiring employees but are building our network of freelancing subcontractors. That said, we are looking for long-term work-relationships, and if you are the right candidate, we are hoping to work with you for many years.
  • You can work from home or your own office anywhere in the United States. You should have your own computer equipment, necessary software licenses and a decent internet connection, because we will be conducting business mostly online via email, WebEx, and Skype.
  • You should at least be familiar with the requirements of freelancing: Invoicing, NDAs, pay your own taxes, etc. Candidates with some experience doing this are preferred.
  • We are looking for smart designers who can understand and conceptualise technical concepts.
  • We are also looking for subcontractors with a good sense of humor and the ability to implement it in their work.
  • Please only contact us if you can provide quality work or if at least you strive to.
  • We prefer talent over degree. If you can show us your skill in your work, that's good for us. Online portfolios preferred.
  • We value meticulate time management. We will ask you to track your time in our database.
  • Have a love for entertainment and a drive to create.

Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Are you an expert with Adobe tools and do have lots of experience tweaking bezier curves? We more frequently have the need for help designing or assembling vector graphics (modifying stock illustrations) for all sorts of purposes. We are looking for an individual with the following skills:

  • Meet all of the general minimum requirements (see above)
  • Proficient with Adobe Illustrator
  • Proficient with Adobe Photoshop
  • Have an eye for different illustration styles and the ability to replicate them
  • Background in UI design, logo design, icon design, 2D game design a plus

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Post Production Artist

Help us take our animation work to the next level by lending us a hand in polishing up animations with effects. The ideal candidate will:

  • Meet all of the general minimum requirements (see above)
  • Have strong compositing skills in a software package like After Effects
  • Have a solid understanding of lighting principles
  • Experience with Nuke, mocha, Trapcode are a big plus!
  • Know how to composite animations from passes beneficial
  • If you know your way around particle effects and dynamics, you get instant brownie points

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Sound Designer

We have a strong need for an audio guy who can make our logo/ident animations come to life accoustically. Contact us if you:

  • Meet all of the general minimum requirements (see above)
  • Have experience mixing and generating complex multi-layered sound effects in a software package of your choice
  • Have the ability to complement sound effects with your own Korg or other synthesizer.

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Character Designer / Storyboard Artist

If you spend your life doodling and sketching cartoon characters and are looking to put this skill to good use, we want to hear from you! We are looking for an experienced artist who:

  • Meet all of the general minimum requirements (see above)
  • Have attended art school and have at least a few life drawing classes under your belt
  • Have a thorough understanding of the human form
  • Can demonstrate the ability to capture and reproduce complex emotions through posture and facial expressions with minimal sketches
  • Have a great sense for perspective
  • Ability to do quick and dirty color / value keys a plus
  • Have a strong portfolio showcasing all of the above plus an album of character designs (we are not looking for fantasy creatures but mostly for humanoid cartoony characters)
  • Have an active DeviantArt presence or equivalent
  • Sorry, but we do not recognize Manga/Anime characters as Character Design

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